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Cairo in the Springtime

I get the impression France has had a love affair with its colonies. Still you see signs of the countries it cannot let go of all over Paris, Egyptian sphinxes, …

Monsieur Sarkozy is implicated in the ousting of Gbagbo, there are rumors that French special forces were the first to break the UN ‘protection’ of the be-seiged ex-president of Cote D’Ivoire at the Golf Hotel. With her forces in 3 countries; Afghanistan, Libya and now the Cote D’Ivoire, you’d be forgiven to think France might be over extending herself.

Saudi Arabia
Cote d’Ivoire (was this the first?)

These are not my countries but I do believe they are the future of the world. What they set in place will set the shape and the tempo of the next century. ¬†They have so far confounded economists and sociologists by there unique modus operandi, but have consistently failed to give the majority of people what they want; food. Shelter, education, health, and the chance to improve one’s own life. This may all change. And with regards to those that are decrying the chance of ‘western-style democracy’ in the middle-east, I hope they are wrong. Western style democracy suits the west, it covers the issues and perplexities of our nation-state, Westphalia, traditions. No, I firmly believe that something else will be required for the middle east, a kind of ‘democracy’ we have yet to see.

I would like just to seg-way for a moment into what is democracy. A government that is representative of it’s peoples, an independent judicial system, free and uncensored media, …. These are by no means definitive goalposts, most of the world’s finest democracies have yet to figure out how to fully achieve these ideals.

The exciting, revolutionary potential of the emergence of new forms of democracy, or governing ourselves and shaping our societies is that these countries are far more representative of the world at large, countries and regions that do not have a homogeneous societies, nor a market-based approach to Economics, democracies that cannot be created off the back of a strong leader but by consensus. (America could be used as an example here but the fore bearers were of English and tench origin and were building on their European foundations.)