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Report on UKBA track record of handling torture survivors is launched!!!

OK here is my push for – “The Second Torture”: the immigration detention of torture survivors’

Victims of torture are routinely being held in immigration detention centres in breach of the government’s own rules, a new investigation has revealed. ‘“The Second Torture”: the immigration detention of torture survivors’, a report from the charity Medical Justice, finds that Rule 35, which should prevent torture victims being locked up in all but exceptional cases, is routinely flouted.
Download “The Second Torture” report.

I helped research and write parts of this report; Chapter 4 – The History of the Continuous, Systematic failure to Implement Rule 35, so read it, pass it around..

AND contact your MP about supporting early day motion 95: Detention of torture survivors – Medical Justice is calling for the immediate implementation of Rule 35 demonstrated through an independent audit of the process, which assesses its effectiveness. To put pressure on the government to do this, contact your MPs and urge them to sign Early Day Motion 95. To find out who your MP is, click here.

I’ve written my MP (first time) and I’ll post the results…