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About me

I’ve been exploring  and researching issues related to international human security for a while now.  I started with an obsession for human intelligence and nuclear disarmament, co-authoring a piece on indicators of nuclear weaponization and the role of civil society in monitoring disarmament. I became drawn to security on an individual level – looking at ways to create dignity and recapture lost security, working with human rights groups to reclaim forgotten political prisoners, and assert equal rights for women. I moved on look at security on a country-level, looking at the way ‘developed’ countries seek to assist the development of poor, more fragile countries, at supporting the emergence of democracy and the emergence of terrorism as an international threat to security. Recently I have tried to bridge the gap between country-level and individual-level security in post-conflict environments; working with communities to review the effectiveness of assistance to child-soldiers trying to return to civilian communities.

I have created this site in order to post my writing and my photos and generally provide an online reference of my work, in whatever field and subject I cover.

I want feedback and apologise for the spelling mistakes and bad grammar.